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What to expect 3 weeks after rhinoplasty?

About 70% of the edema from a rhinoplasty should have subsided after three weeks. At this point, a patient may see the progress and enjoy the new look of his or her nose. It’s acceptable to feel a bit self-conscious right now; in fact, it’s healthy. About three or four more weeks are needed for the finer characteristics to appear, and until then, the nose will feel strange. Normal facial expressions, such as smiling or chatting, may feel uncomfortable, and most patients report a tugging sensation or mild discomfort when they rub or bump their noses. Three weeks following surgery, the tip may still feel numb in some or all ways; in fact, it may take six months or more for feeling to return.

Patients with allergies may also have increased nasal discharge. Three weeks after rhinoplasty, most patients can safely return to their regular exercise routine, but they may have some temporary swelling if they engage in any particularly vigorous activities. Additionally, you may experience increased sensitivity or sunburn on the skin surrounding your nose.

Though these are all unpleasant memories of the procedure, they subside as the nose heals and the surrounding tissue returns to normal.


What can I do three weeks after rhinoplasty?

Moderate physical activity can be resumed. At the Three-Week Post-Op Mark: You’re finally satisfied with what they see and have full faith in your abilities to interact socially now that the swelling has subsided. Nasal obstruction, albeit likely much less severe than in the first week, may still be present.


Can I touch my nose 3 weeks after rhinoplasty?

Don’t touch your nose! Patients should be very careful not to touch their noses for the first week or two after surgery, or unless instructed otherwise by Dr. Sheffield.


What happens at 4 weeks post op rhinoplasty?

During weeks 2–4, most of the swelling and redness from the bruises should have subsided. After a month, you shouldn’t be able to see any evidence of where you had surgery. The earliest effects of your procedure should become apparent around week 4. But rest assured that the subtle healing of your nose will persist.


Can you smile 3 weeks rhinoplasty?

You can comfortably smile without worry as long as you avoid doing anything too intense for another week or so after two weeks have passed (after three weeks is OK).


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