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How long does swelling last after lip fillers?

There aren’t many typical risks associated with lip injections, and the healing process is quick, but you can have some temporary pain, redness, bruising, or swelling right after the procedure. This is to be expected and should pass in a few hours.

In the event that you observe swelling in the treated area, you need not worry. This is very normal and should pass quickly. When the swelling goes down, your new lips will look great and feel completely natural.

Most patients report that the swelling in their lips is particularly bad in the morning of the first day after their injection. Swelling from lip filler often begins to subside within the first several days, and it totally disappears within the first two weeks.

You can take some measures to alleviate your pain and swelling in the short term.


How do you reduce swelling after lip fillers?

Applying ice to the lips helps reduce swelling after lip filler injections. Apply a cold compress or ice pack wrapped in a towel to the lips gently. When wiping the lips, use a soft towel and avoid anything that can stick to them and cause more pain.


How much swelling is normal after lip fillers?


Injectable lip fillers can cause significant swelling for up to two days after treatment. The swelling, however, ought to go down by the fourth day. Three or four days after treatment, if you still have significant swelling, you should make an appointment with your doctor or dentist.


How long do lip fillers take to settle?


Lip fillers produce noticeable improvements right away, although the final look may be less dramatic once the swelling subsides. It takes the filler roughly 4 weeks to settle in and take on its final appearance. The effects usually continue for around a year.


Do lip fillers look uneven at first?


Lip injections frequently cause asymmetry, edema, nodules, and bruising in the first two weeks. These dangers multiply with each new injection and with each additional layer of pressure added to the lips.


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