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6 Things You’ll Want To Know Before Selecting a Med Spa

Picking the right med spa is as important as determining the right medical spa procedure. Find out answers to the following questions when finding your med spa:

– How do I know if a medical spa is safe and in compliance?

– Does the medical spa director have to be on-site?

– Should I see a doctor prior to getting a medical spa treatment?

– If a nurse or aesthetician is wanting to perform a Botox injection, should I let him/her?

– Should I let a nurse perform laser hair removal or is a dermatologist better suited?

– The med spa has a nurse practitioner on-site, but there is no physician. Is it legal and is it safe?

Contact SB Aesthetics for more info on med spa services in Santa Barbara. Dr. Sheffield a wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Call us at (805) 318-3280 or schedule your consultation on our website to learn more about our services. Call for the best medical spa near me today.

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