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Most Effective Ways To Treat Wrinkled Lips

Having wrinkled lips is very common and most of the cases are not due to ageing. The commonest causes of wrinkled lips are regular smoking, drinking with a straw and any other activity that makes you purse your lips. When you purse your lips, you are contracting the muscles around your lips. Your collagen will be damaged and this will get your elastic tissue stretched beyond its limit. So, you lose the firmness.

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When you do it too often, it leads to wrinkles around the lips. It is called smoker’s lines because smokers are the ones who have it the most and over 70 percent of the cases are caused by smoking. From the causes of smoker’s lines and wrinkled lips outlined above, you should know how to prevent it. To prevent smoker’s lines from setting up around your lips you should:

•Quit smoking or do it less often

•Drink with straw less often

•Avoid any other activity that makes you purse your lips including taking duck face selfies

There are several methods of treating smoker’s lines if you already have them.

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Use of moisturizer

One thing is for sure, skin diseases thrive more on constantly dry skin so it is highly beneficial to ensure that your skin is always moisturized. To treat smoker’s lines, you need to get a moisturizer with both SPF and peptides. Apply it in the morning. But at night, you need to apply vitamin C serum before applying the moisturizer. The serum helps to generate new collagen that will replace the damaged ones. Make this a daily routine.

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Inject Botox

For a more critical case, the treatment above may not work. So here is a more effective method. You can get a certified plastic surgeon to inject a little amount of Botox. This will slow down the contraction and even smoothen out the lines before they get deeper.

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Inject Belotero or Restylane Silk

For even more prominent wrinkles around the lips, Restylane Silk or Belotero can be injected. They are slightly more effective than Botox.

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Ablative lasers

For the worst case of wrinkles around the mouth and wrinkled lips, you should go for ablative laser treatment. This treatment helps to resurface the top layer of the skin, it facilitates the reproduction of damaged collagen and also remove the deep grooves. After that the skin will need some time to heal. If you think your skin is too delicate, you could opt for a non-ablative laser treatment.

There are two differences between non-ablative and ablative laser treatments for wrinkled lips. The latter requires just two treatment sessions while the former requires five. The latter takes more time to heal because it is more invasive. All the same they are both equally effective since the less invasive non-ablative laser treatment destroys about 20 percent of the outer layer to initiate the production of new collagen

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