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Why Do We Feel The Need To Enhance Our Lips?

Oct 8, 2020 – Oct 7, 2021
Along with the aging process, our lips age as well. There is a certain amount of sagginess and deflation that occurs due to all of the time that has passed with movement that is constant and folding of the skin and contraction of the underlying muscles that control the lips and the lower face area.

This process inevitably occurs as we pout or lips, smile, laugh, yawn or even just talk. These repetitive movements occur hundreds if not thousands of times over the course of a day. Gravity, cigarette smoking, sun exposure, degradation of collagen and elastin, all of these contribute to the aging lips.
The best lip fillers include:
– Juvederm Ultra Plus
– Restylane Lyft
– Volbella
– Belotero

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