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What Type of Chemical Peel Is Best For Your Skin?
Dec 17, 2019 – Jul 24, 2020
A chemical peel is a solution designed to peel away the outer layers of the skin. Since it is medical grade, it is typically performed in a plastic surgeon’s office setting, by either the surgeon or trained RN. The solution is applied, and over the next following days, the treated skin layers will peel away to reveal a smoother, younger appearance. You can contact SB Aesthetics to schedule a chemical peel consultation. How will a chemical peel help your skin?

– Diminish blotchy, discolored or age spotted skin
– Smooth over wrinkles and fine lines
– Decrease or remove acne scarring
– Improve the skin’s complexion by tightening and toning
– Remove any sort of possible precancerous growths occurring

Your plastic surgeon will recommend the ideal peel based upon your skin type to address all of your specific issues and the results that are desired to achieve a tighter healthy more even skin tone.

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