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What’s It Like The First Time You Get Botox?

Interested in getting botox but don’t know where to start or what to do? In this article, we’ll look at what you can expect after getting a Botox treatment for the first time.

Over 7.2 million people underwent Botox procedures in 2017, which is nearly 2% more compared to the previous year. Although Botox used to have an unsavory reputation, more and more people from all walks of life are turning to it to retain their youthfulness. Botox is no longer being looked down upon, but is being accepted as a mainstream skin rejuvenation treatment.

If you’re interested in maintaining your smooth and youthful looks for a very long time, Botox can help you out with that. Do you want to learn what to expect after the treatment is over for the first time? Keep reading.


  1. Don’t Expect Any Immediate Changes In Your Skin


Botox injections require some time before they can fully take effect. If you don’t observe any changes after your injections, don’t be worried – they’re working just fine. Remain patient and wait for the results to show up.

It might take anywhere between two to eight days before you can see a visible difference. However, all results should be visible within 2 weeks or less, which will then last for over 3 – 4 months.


  1. Expect Little To No Pain

Does a Botox injection hurt? Not really. Botox needles tend to be extremely small, which means there’s no reason to be worried about any pain during the injection. It’s a relatively painfree experience.

An experienced and skilled practitioner will know the right way and place to inject Botox with minimal discomfort. If you do wind up having any mild troubles, they will go away on their own in a couple of days.


  1. Expect Some Swelling, Bruising, Redness, or Headaches

Once the injection has been administered successfully, you’ll notice a few red bumps on your skin that’ll disappear within 30 minutes. Some Botox treatments may involve bruising. However, this is often minimal and won’t affect you for more than 2-3 days. Do not take any aspirin, ibuprofen, and other OTC supplements that weren’t prescribed by your doctor before commencing the treatment since they may have a negative interaction with the Botox injection.



You might develop an annoying headache for a while after the treatment, which can be resolved by taking some Tylenol. However, such headaches are rather rare, with most patients being able to resume their regular routine almost immediately.


  1. Do not massage or touch your face


Don’t massage or touch your face under any circumstances. Botox injections have to be delivered skillfully by an expert for the best results. Massaging it may lead to unnecessary manipulation of Botox, thus spreading it to other areas that can complicate the situation.

Let at least four hours pass after the procedure before manipulating or massaging the areas under treatment.


  1. Do Not Take Any Aspirin

If the site of the injection swells up rapidly or triggers a headache, avoid taking anti-inflammatory pills like aspirin since they can cause blood thinning and worsen signs of bruising on your body.


  1. Hit Pause on Your Workout Routine


You should not exercise for at least 4 hours after the procedure since strenuous exertions and movements may cause the Botox protein to move into unwanted areas, causing additional problems.


  1. Expect Improved Results Over Time

Wrinkle relaxers like Dysport and Botox may take around 2 weeks before showing results. Instead of worrying about your results not showing up quick enough, how about playing it like a game?

Stand for a couple of minutes before the mirror. Cheer, smile, laugh, frown, and make all sorts of facial expressions. During this exercise, observe the Botox injection site carefully as well as it moves in line with your expressions. We assure you – you’re going to find this very interesting.


  1. Restricted Muscle Movements

After your Botox treatment, you can expect your muscle movements to be restricted. Contrary to popular opinion, Botox is a potent muscle-relaxer, not a filler.


To restore and rejuvenate your skin, Botox will prevent the proper functioning of your facial muscles. As a result, any expressions on your face will be mild and dampened, no matter how much it appears otherwise to you.


  1. Results last for 3-4 months

After your first Botox treatment, the results will likely last for 3 – 4 months. The effects will start wearing off slowly after 2.5 months or so.

Whether you sought Botox for frown lines, forehead wrinkles, or crows feet, your face is completely set for four more months. When this period draws to an end, simply undergo another round of treatment. Establishing a regular schedule for Botox treatments can help you maintain a fresh, youthful face.


  1. Become 6 – 8 years younger

Wrinkle relaxers are very much capable of making you look 6 – 8 years younger, thus boosting your looks significantly.

While a fresh youthful face looks full and plump, aging causes our faces to wrinkle and sag for a variety of reasons.

Botox can come in handy in reversing these aging signs and restore your youthfulness. Botox will slash your age and enhance your looks significantly, thus making you look better than ever before!


How To Know Whether My Botox Is No Longer Working?

Around 2.5 – 3 months after the treatment, you’ll notice your wrinkles and lines coming back slowly. This is a sign of falling Botox levels in your skin. It’s a gradual process, which gives you plenty of time to undergo another round of treatment and revitalize your skin.


What You Should Know About Repeating the Botox Procedure

Making a regular, scheduled appointment can help immensely. Our patients generally visit us once every 3 – 4 months to schedule an appointment to keep their Botox treatments on track. This ensures that their skin is more receptive to further Botox treatments.


What You Should Expect from Your First Botox Procedure

Botox offers extraordinary results that are surprisingly effective. Millions of patients all over the world have used Botox for its potent anti-aging properties and its ability to correct muscular spasms. A Botox procedure can boost self-esteem levels significantly and increase confidence.

The execution of your Botox procedure may vary, depending on the practitioner carrying out the procedure. Visiting the clinic for your first treatment can be a nerve-wracking experience. But don’t worry – we’ll guide you every step of the way to soothe your worries.

Has our article helped you quell your Botox worries? If you’re interested in revitalizing and smoothening the wrinkles and fine lines in your skin in a hassle-free manner, call us to schedule an appointment!

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