Things You Need To Know About Vampire Facials

vampire facials

The Vampire Facial term was invented and trademarked by Charles Runels, M.D.  You need not worry about aging so fast; vampire facial is the solution you have always waited for. Also called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), vampire facials are a skin treatment popularly done to achieve skin rejuvenation. The name Vampire Facial is used because the procedure is carried with the patient’s blood.  Celebrities and movie stars use this treatment which has always resulted in a good outcome. There are facts you need to know about vampire facial, these facts are explained below.

Vampire Facials Help Smooth Wrinkles And Scarring

As people get older, the tendency to develop wrinkles is inevitable. Having wrinkles is a natural phenomenon attached to the aging process. Vampire facial is a natural means of removing wrinkles and scars. No artificial material is used during vampire facial treatment. Vampire facial in the aspect of smoothing wrinkles and scars by plumping up lines. One good thing about this dermal filter is the fact that the patient’s blood is used for plumbing. Within four days or so after the treatment, the first difference is noticed. Over three to four weeks, the full result of the treatment is seen. As the pumping of the blood improves the texture and quality of the skin become better.

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Vampire Facials Promote New Cell Development

Vampire facials are used to propel and stir up the growth of new cells that can replace the damaged cells in the face. The first step of using this treatment is to take samples of the patient’s blood (which is treated to differentiate the platelets from the remaining blood). These platelets have factors of growth. These elements play a significant role in healing and promoting the development of new cells (not just new cells but healthy ones).

Vampire Facials Are One Of The Most Natural Dermal Filler Treatment Option Available

Unlike other dermal filler treatment options (which involves the use of synthetic materials), vampire facial includes the use of holistic materials. The fact that the patient’s blood is used for the treatment has made it natural. No artificial material is utilized in this treatment. The treatment gives a long-lasting effect.

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Vampire Facials Started As An Orthopedic Procedure

Vampire facial was first introduced as a means of treating orthopedic conditions. This procedure is known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy which was introduced over 30 years ago. This therapy is used to promote healing, for clothing and as a very important means of regeneration of tissues.

Vampire Facials Are A Good Anti Aging Treatment Choice for People With Sensitive Skin

It is wrong to say there is no gain in accepting that vampire facial is one of the best choices for treating sensitive skin. It is a natural means of promoting the development of new tissues. It ensures smoothing of wrinkles and scars a long with stimulating the growth of new cells. It gives a long-lasting result.

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