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Plastic Surgery In Santa Barbara

Dr. Sheffield is a prominent Santa Barbara plastic surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Some of our patients have brought forth interesting and detailed questions about upper eyelid surgery, otherwise known as upper blepharoplasty, and eye bags treatment.


: I have malar bags (festoons) as well as under eye bags. Can this be treated? Is laser or Blepharoplasty best?

: Thank you for your inquiry and for the photos that you included for our reference. Yes, both under eye bags and malar bags can be treated and there are a number of possible treatments for it. Treating under eye bags and malar bags could be done in surgical and non-surgical methods depending on the severity of the bags. If the under eye and malar bags are mild and soft, these may be resolved with fillers. However, this is only temporary and this will not “remove” the under eye bags. Fillers can only improve its noticeability by concealing it. Regular maintenance may be needed to continuously conceal the under eye bags at least one year after the prior treatment. Lasers will not really be helpful in managing under eye bags. If the bags are severe in nature, surgical intervention may be needed. This is where blepharoplasty will come in. Blepharoplasty can remove the bags permanently, although it may be more expensive and has longer down time.

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That said, do not skip seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for their detailed assessment and evaluation of your case. Your surgeon will be able to proper treatment plan that will work effectively for your case. Hope this answers your question!


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