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Plastic Surgery In Santa Barbara

Dr. Sheffield is a prominent Santa Barbara plastic surgeon who specializes in eyelid surgery and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Some of our patients have brought forth interesting and detailed questions about upper eyelid surgery, otherwise known as upper blepharoplasty, and eye bags treatment.


: For Malar Bags – Festoons. What Do You Recommend?

I see differing opinions about lower bleph for this. How visible are the scars? One doc recommended a lower bleph w/ an extended incision that runs length of lower lids & about a cm along a smile line in outer corner of eye. Also discussed with another, an arcus marginalis release, fat transposition and canthopexy with a separate skin muscle flap? I have also read about laser tx’s. Some say a lower bleph could make problems worse? I’ve already tried fillers.

: Thank you for that question and your detailed post. I understand where the confusion is coming from. Treating malar bag is actually a very challenging procedure, hence, the many possible options given to you by various doctors. The issue with malar bags is that, although direct excision may be used as treatment, the result may only improve the issue and not totally eradicate it. Moreover, it may leave a noticeable scar on the cheek area. The other treatments you mentioned, arcus marginalis release, canthopexy, and transposing of fat is a procedure that leans more to resolve the upper eye bags. It does nothing to the malar bags though. In your case, you may need several surgical treatments to resolve the malar bags as well as the eye bags above it. After the desired result is achieved surgically, you may use non-surgical methods such as fillers to enhance the overall result.

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To get a more accurate grasp on this, work only with a board certified plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara. Your surgeon should properly assess your case so he or she could devise a specialized treatment plan for your upper eye bags and your malar bags. Ask questions as well, so everything would be clear to you. Hope this answers your question!


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