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Lip Filler Products Sustain Continued Growth

The evolution of aesthetic treatments has increased over time and grown into a variety of uses to enhance beauty.  Lip augmentation or the lip filler are one of the more commonly known facial treatments out there. There are many celebrities that have had the procedure done and it is one of the procedures that is most noticeable. Other facial treatments are noticed, but those who notice are unsure exactly how the effects were accomplished, while lip augmentation is a well-known singular procedure.

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Lip augmentation started early on with the use of collagen and fat as a lip filler. There were some side effects and the process could have varying results. Natural fat was thought to be the best choice because the chance of allergic reactions were going to be low, but there were still some issues and research brought forth a more effective treatment, Hyaluronic acid.

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This is still a natural chemical that is already present in the human body, so there are few allergic reactions. It is used in a state that is more easily controlled and less “lumpy” so that the effects of the lip filler can be controlled more easily by the doctor and the chemical spreads out more evenly over time. Because the chemical used in the lip filler is not as thick, the injection sites are smaller and heal more quickly and any bumps or high spots will even out within a day.

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There is less bruising because a thinner chemical is entering the body and less forceful application means less abuse to the surrounding tissues. Smaller “doses” can be applied over a several day period and the results can be more subtle and more refined. This has become the standard in lip fillers and has become one of the safest and easiest procedures.

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