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Does Latisse Really Work?
Yes! Latisse completely does work to enhance and create lush eyelashes. Just about everyone who gives Latisse a try will notice an increase in the length and often an increased thickness and darkening of the eyelashes. Always keep in mind:

– Latisse must be used on the upper eyelashes for at least an eight to ten week time period in order to achieve the possibility of full growth and an overall thickening of the eyelashes.

– Latesse does have a decent cost to it. Generally, Latisse in Santa Barbara cost anywhere from $100 to $150 for a 1 month supply. We recommend using a tiny eyeliner brush to apply (rinsing and air drying after using) in order to make your supply last a bit longer.

Consider Latisse Santa Barbara if you are interested in changing your physical appearance and restoring some of your youthfulness. Call us at (805) 318-3280 or visit us on the web to schedule a consultation. Contact the best medical spa near me today.

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