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10 Reasons to Get a Blepharoplasty Procedure

While some people are more concerned with their looks than others, none of us look forward to sporting a run-down appearance, do we?

Not all of us are fortunate enough to enjoy a blemish-free appearance though. Sometimes, the skin right above and around your upper eyelids may sag and droop, impacting your looks negatively. However, upper eyelid surgery can easily make these troubles go away, thanks to its numerous benefits.


  1. Makes Your Eyes Look Younger

People generally undergo upper blepharoplasty or upper eyelid surgical procedures to make themselves look younger.

The upper eyelid tends to have delicate, sensitive skin located around it. This region suffers from collagen loss as the years roll on (collagen lends a firm appearance to the skin). When collagen levels fall, the skin becomes incapable of withstanding the effects of gravity, causing it to sag and droop.

Although this is a natural sign of aging, some people have a genetic predisposition to ptosis or drooping eyelids. This condition occurs in such individuals right from their 20s or 30s, causing them to have an older appearance.

Thankfully, upper blepharoplasty can eliminate this excess skin in an effective and reliable manner, thus restoring a youthful appearance to your eyes.


  1. Gives Your Face an Alert and Well-Rested Appearance

Ever gotten up abruptly at night to take an important phone call? If you’ve seen a reflection of yourself in a mirror during these times, you’ll see that both your eyes look tired and half-closed.

When your skin starts sagging above the upper eyelids, this causes a similar effect – your eyes start looking droopy and half-closed all the time. Upper eyelid surgery patients often report receiving compliments from others on their well-rested appearance after the procedure.


  1. Boosts Your Self-Esteem

While people may say that looks don’t matter, we know this isn’t always true. For most people, their own opinions regarding their appearance can negatively impact their self-esteem and confidence.

Having a negative opinion regarding your own appearance can weigh you down in social situations. People avoid social interactions or refuse to take photos with others because they’re too worried that their looks aren’t good enough. Needless to say, this can make social events a nightmare to navigate for some.

Upper blepharoplasty can put a decisive end to such insecurities, thus boosting your self-esteem significantly.


  1. Correct Your ‘Angry Resting Face’

Partially closed eyelids are often mistaken for a frown, which may dissuade people from approaching you in social situations through no fault of your own.

A frown involves narrowing the eyes, which is also what happens when the skin right above the eyelids starts sagging. Your eyes become smaller due to droopy eyelids, causing people to think that you’re angry.

Correcting this ‘angry resting face’ can improve your appearance in social situations significantly. When people observe a positive, friendly expression on your face, they’ll feel more comfortable approaching you for a quick chat.


  1. Better Vision

Saggy skin is generally an irksome cosmetic issue in people without a genetic predisposition to this condition. However, in people who are genetically predisposed to this condition, it may team up with natural aging processes to give rise to severely droopy skin, which causes an older appearance.

At times, the sagging may become too severe, falling right before your eyes and blocking your field of vision partially.

Such issues take years to creep up, which is why most people don’t realize that their field of vision is impaired. Here’s a simple test – push your eyebrows up using your thumbs. If your field of vision improves, that’s a sign you might need upper eyelid cosmetic surgery.


  1. Spend Less Time Refining Your Appearance

People use different techniques in order to make their facial aging less noticeable to others. A good makeup routine can take up the better part of the hour for most people.

Beauty experts generally recommend makeup contouring to counter sagging and aging skin above the eyes. However, you’ll have to draw and blend using different colors for several minutes in the morning before the upper eyelids have a normal, younger appearance.

Undergoing an upper eyelid plastic surgery will let you save you this precious time. You can enjoy the facial definition you’re looking for without having to rely on optical illusions that don’t work all the time.


  1. Resolve Multiple Issues in A Single Surgery

Aging signs tend to crop up in multiple facial regions simultaneously. You may be interested in enhancing the appearance of other facial regions along with your upper eyelids.

The best part about this surgery is that it can be combined with other procedures for better results, thus resolving multiple issues in a single sitting.


  1. More Options

We all wish to have as many options as we can wherever possible. Have you ever been disappointed that you couldn’t try out a new makeup trend because your sagging skin was blocking your upper eyelids? This can be immensely frustrating at times.

Upper eyelid cosmetic surgery is an absolute gamechanger – make no mistake.

After the procedure, you’ll have a desirable and youthful contour above the eyes, thus giving you the flexibility needed to try out new makeup trends.

Upper eyelid plastic surgery can free up space on your face, which will allow you to switch up your routine without limitations.


  1. Minimal Facial Scarring

Patients are often forced to make an unsavory choice with most cosmetic procedures – live with an aesthetic condition forever or live with the physical scars of the surgery.

However, upper eyelid cosmetic surgery doesn’t force you to make this choice. We generally perform this surgery by making small incisions that can be easily hidden in your eyelids’ natural folds with ease.

Once the initial recovery period is done, the incisions will be too well hidden to be noticed with a naked eye. Apart from giving amazing results, you also don’t have to be worried about others learning about your procedure. No one’s going to ask you awkward questions because they won’t be able to see it at all.


  1. Enjoy Long-Lasting Benefits

Many cosmetic treatments are short-term in nature, requiring patients to return multiple times to fine-tune their effects. Non-surgical procedures are notorious for this.

While you’ll find multiple non-surgical skin tightening procedures, they have their own disadvantages as well.

Some procedures are not safe enough to be done around the eyes, so the skin right above the eyelids won’t be as firm as you’d like. Others may require you to return in a couple of years for further treatments.

Upper eyelid cosmetic surgery doesn’t suffer from these disadvantages – while your skin will age and sag as the years go by, you’ll be safe for at least 5 – 7 years before you need to worry again.


Looking To Get an Upper Blepharoplasty Procedure?

Upper eyelid plastic surgery will make you look happier, younger, and well-rested at all times. It will give you a healthy boost of confidence and freedom that can feel empowering.

If you’re interested in getting an upper blepharoplasty, reach out to us today. Give us a call and let’s talk more about how this procedure can benefit you.

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